Registered voters in the
State of Michigan, U.S.A.
in alphabetical order
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Iacchetta, Alexander Salvatore
 . . . to Iannone, Josephine

Iannone, Luigi
 . . . to Ibrahim, Delshad

Ibrahim, Diane A
 . . . to Ide, Jesse Lee

Ide, Jessica Lynn
 . . . to Igielski, Julie Nicole

Igielski, Kevin Michael
 . . . to Ihrke, Dylan Donald

Ihrke, Erica Sue
 . . . to Ilievski, Mihajlo

Ilievski, Olga
 . . . to Imerman, Susan M

Imershein, Julia Meghan
 . . . to Imus, Laura Michelle

Imus, Lee Patrick
 . . . to Ingber, Steven Marc

Ingber, Vicki Lynn
 . . . to Ingle, Maureen Edith

Ingle, Meridith Hope
 . . . to Ingram, Carl

Ingram, Carl
 . . . to Ingram, Shatara Marie

Ingram, Shavonne Monae
 . . . to Inman, Kimberly Sue

Inman, Krista Nicole
 . . . to Insley, Lori Jane

Insley, Mallory Marie
 . . . to Iqbal, Amer

Iqbal, Amina
 . . . to Ireland, Rebecca Lynn

Ireland, Rexalee Kaye
 . . . to Irizarry-Negron, Valerie Michele

Irizarry-Rivera, Vilma
 . . . to Irvine, Alise Marie

Irvine, Alisha Marie
 . . . to Irwin, Bruce Davis

Irwin, Bryan Dale
 . . . to Irwin, Roxanne Colette

Irwin, Roxanne Marie
 . . . to Isaacs, Samuel

Isaacs, Sandra Kay
 . . . to Isby, Douglas

Isby, Gary Lamont
 . . . to Ishaq, Tammy Renee

Ishaq, Tariq
 . . . to Island, Wendell

Islas, Alfred Alfredo
 . . . to Ison, Dennis Wayne

Ison, Donnie Wayne
 . . . to Issel, Collin Joseph

Issel, David Santos
 . . . to Ivanovic, Edvina

Ivanovic, George Gerg
 . . . to Ives, William Albert

Ives, William Donald
 . . . to Ivory, Dominick Edwin

Ivory, Dominique Christina
 . . . to Iyengar, Raj Mohan

Iyengar, Revathi
 . . . to END

Struggling just to get by?

     A lot of folks are suffering from a high rate of unemployment, and they want more help from the government.

     Always look for the libertarian chess moves before asking the government to help you out of a problem the government created. More government involvement means more corruption, more patronage.

     Consider this chess move: Abolish all zoning restrictions. Detroit residents cannot vote in the affluent suburbs, because they live in Detroit; and they cannot move into the affluent suburbs because of the high cost of housing, resulting from outrageous “snob” zoning restrictions. However, Michigan residents can elect candidates to the Michigan Legislature who want to preempt all municipal zoning restrictions.

     Abolish zoning, and many homes will be torn down, eliminating yesteryear’s lead paint, aluminum wiring and asbestos. Buildings meeting today’s code will be constructed. This will produce an immediate abundance of jobs in demolition and construction.

     City bureaucrats review a site plan. Even in areas where apartment houses are legal, they will ask, “Where are the tenants going to park their cars?” which is like asking where they will land their helicopters. Bureaucrats force builders to pave paradise and put up a parking lot, on land that could house more persons. Without parking, the rent would have to be reduced to attract tenants without automobiles. City Hall robs walkers of this natural discount, forcing them to pay for a parking lot they don’t need. Some victims think they are dependent on politicians for a hand-out, such as a rent subsidy.

     Abolish zoning and folks will be able to live closer to where they can work, shop, or gather to drink alcohol. An abundance of new housing will mean landlords scrambling to find tenants for half of the rent they’re getting today. Families will have more money left over to spend, and that always means more jobs.

     When unemployment goes down, wages go up.

     Always look for ways to repeal problems instead of enacting “solutions” that only involve more taxes and more bureaucracy.