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On 26 November 2019 we combined the most recent data with previous data back to 1 June 2013.

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Aaaarissman, Nick
... to Abela, Liana Olivia

Abela, Lisa Marie
... to Achour, Abbas Mohamad-Hussein

Achour, Alexander Fadi
... to Adams, Cynthia Kay

Adams, Cynthia Kaye
... to Adams, Scott Lorin

Adams, Scott Lorin
... to Adolph, Patricia Ann

Adolph, Patricia Nancy
... to Ahmed, Ali

Ahmed, Ali
... to Akkala, Bindu M

Akkala, Bindu Madhavi
... to Albro, Catherine Sue

Albro, Connie Sue
... to Alexander, George

Alexander, George Ardell
... to Al-Hanooti, Muthanna Mohammed

Al-Hanooti, Muthanna Mohammed
... to Allen, Betty J

Allen, Betty J
... to Allen, Martin Loren

Allen, Martin Mccullough
... to Allison, Thomas John

Allison, Thomas John
... to Alsinai, Abdulazia Mohamed

Alsinai, Aqela Naji-Ali
... to Amar, Nancy Anna

Amar, Patricia Ann
... to Anason, Mallory Anastasia

Anason, Marilyn Elaine
... to Anderson, Diane Le

Anderson, Diane Lorene
... to Anderson, Margretta

Anderson, Margretta
... to Anderson-Irwin, Christine Anne

Anderson-Irwin, Christine Anne
... to Andrzejewski, Jason Michael

Andrzejewski, Jason Michael
... to Anthony, James H

Anthony, James Halbert
... to Aragona, Anthony Frank

Aragona, Anthony Robert
... to Arlt, Edmund Roy

Arlt, Eric David
... to Arnett, Liza Brianne

Arnett, Liza Brianne
... to Arsenault, Mary Claire

Arsenault, Mary Claire
... to Ashley, Niko Wayne

Ashley, Niko Wayne
... to Atkinson, Joe Dean

Atkinson, Joel
... to Austin, Brena Japrice-Lasha

Austin, Brenda
... to Avila, Moises

Avila, Moises
... to Azzurri, Mario Anthony

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