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Dykes, Ronald Lee
... to Dykgraaf, Charles Chester

Dykgraaf, Cheryl Susan
... to Dykgraaf, Nicole Lynn

Dykgraaf, Nina
... to Dykhouse, Catherine Anne

Dykhouse, Cathleen Irene
... to Dykhouse, Erin Marie

Dykhouse, Esther Lucille
... to Dykhouse, Karlie Jo

Dykhouse, Kate Irene
... to Dykhouse, Robert John

Dykhouse, Robert W
... to Dykhuis, David Craig

Dykhuis, David John
... to Dykhuis, Richard William

Dykhuis, Robert Dale
... to Dykla, Chelsea Lynn

Dykla, Chelsea Lynn
... to Dykman, Dustin James

Dykman, Dwight Alton
... to Dykman, Mary Rose

Dykman, Matthew John
... to Dykman, Todd Paul

Dykman, Tracer Dale
... to Dyksterhouse, Dena Jean

Dyksterhouse, Gene Warren
... to Dykstra, Adam Scott

Dykstra, Aimee Lyn
... to Dykstra, Andrew Lawrence

Dykstra, Andrew Lawrence
... to Dykstra, Beth Ann

Dykstra, Beth Ann
... to Dykstra, Brian Scott

Dykstra, Brian Scott
... to Dykstra, Cathy Lee

Dykstra, Cathy Lee
... to Dykstra, Collin Case

Dykstra, Colt Jasen
... to Dykstra, David A

Dykstra, David Alan
... to Dykstra, Denise Marie

Dykstra, Denise Marie
... to Dykstra, Drew Stephen

Dykstra, Duane A
... to Dykstra, Ervin Gene

Dykstra, Ervin Lloyd
... to Dykstra, Heather Nelis

Dykstra, Heather Nicole
... to Dykstra, James Michael

Dykstra, James Michael
... to Dykstra, Jeffrey Louis

Dykstra, Jeffrey Louis
... to Dykstra, Joanna Beth

Dykstra, Joanne May-Wendla
... to Dykstra, Joseph Michael

Dykstra, Joseph Michael
... to Dykstra, Karley Noelle

Dykstra, Karley Noelle
... to Dykstra, Kelly Lynne

Dykstra, Kelly Marie
... to Dykstra, Kyle James

Dykstra, Kyle Ralph
... to Dykstra, Linda K

Dykstra, Linda Kay
... to Dykstra, Margaret Ruth

Dykstra, Maria C
... to Dykstra, Matthew Allen

Dykstra, Matthew Allen
... to Dykstra, Michael John

Dykstra, Michael John
... to Dykstra, Nick

Dykstra, Nick
... to Dykstra, Phyllis Anne

Dykstra, Phyllis Jean
... to Dykstra, Rick William

Dykstra, Ricky Lee
... to Dykstra, Sabina Ann-Baroni

Dykstra, Sabina Ann-Baroni
... to Dykstra, Sharon Joy

Dykstra, Sharon Kay
... to Dykstra, Susan June

Dykstra, Susan June
... to Dykstra, Thomas Peter

Dykstra, Thomas Peter
... to Dykstra, Tyler Scott

Dykstra, Tyler Steven
... to Dykyj, Patricia Ruth

Dykzeul, Joseph Martin-Michael
... to Dylenski, Craig Richard

Dylenski, Craig Richard
... to Dylhoff, Jessika Marie

Dylhoff, Julia M
... to Dyment, Mark

Dyment, Mark Anthony
... to Dymond, Cindy J

Dymond, Corey Allen
... to Dymond, Michael Joseph

Dymond, Michael Robert-Miller
... to Dymowski, Edward Julius

Dymowski, Edward Julius
... to Dynes, Paul Robert

Dynes, Robert D
... to Dyras, Laura Jean

Dyras, Lukasz Marek
... to Dys, Daniel Glenn

Dys, Dorothy Lois
... to Dysarczyk, Sarah Nicole

Dysarczyk, Susan Annette
... to Dysart, John Mark

Dysart, Jonathan Hayden
... to Dysert, Jennifer Lynne

Dysert, Kameron Vincent-Keith
... to Dysinger, Lisa Kay

Dysinger, Lorrie Anne
... to Dyson, Amy

Dyson, Andrea Nicole
... to Dyson, Daveon Xavier

Dyson, David Andrew
... to Dyson, Jojuan Bernard

Dyson, Jojuan Bernard
... to Dyson, Michael Thomas

Dyson, Michael Thomas
... to Dyson, Timothy Joseph

Dyson, Timothy Joseph
... to Dyszynski, Diane Carol

Dyszynski, Jennie Lilian
... to Dzafic, Semir

Dzafic, Senad
... to Dzapo, Carl Joseph

Dzapo, Constance Ozanich
... to Dzendzel, Angela Kay

Dzendzel, Angela Kay
... to Dziabuda, Patricia Ann

Dziabuda, Rachel Elizabeth-Ann
... to Dziadzio, Ashley Renee

Dziadzio, Ava E
... to Dziag, Regina Jadwiga

Dziak, Alison Cora
... to Dzialowski, James S

Dzialowski, Jennifer Louise
... to Dziduch, Roxann Michelle

Dziduch, Theodore Allen
... to Dziedzic, Antoinette Marie

Dziedzic, Ayrton Anthony
... to Dziedzic, Joyce Ann

Dziedzic, Judith Lynn
... to Dziedzic, Walter William

Dziedzic, Zina Suzanne
... to Dziekan, Linda Anne

Dziekan, Linda Joyce
... to Dzielinski, Phyllis Ann

Dzielinski, Sarah Marie
... to Dziengowski, Andrea Nicole

Dziengowski, Andrea Nicole
... to Dzierbicki, Diane Marie

Dzierbicki, Diane Sotomayor
... to Dzierwa, Stanley John

Dzierwa, Steven Daniel
... to Dziesinski, Alexander Cedric

Dziesinski, Amberly Brooke
... to Dziesinski, Phyllis Frances

Dziesinski, Randy Michael
... to Dziewiatkowski, Jason Todd

Dziewiatkowski, John Thomas
... to Dziewit, Maria Martha

Dziewit, Maria Martha
... to Dzikoski, Henrietta Theresa

Dzikovska, Andrea
... to Dzikowski, Margaret

Dzikowski, Mary Lien
... to Dzingle, Norman Richard

Dzingleski, Chad Michael
... to Dziordziewicz, Cody Joseph

Dziordziewicz, Mary Jennifer
... to Dziuba, Katherine Anna

Dziuba, Kathleen Ann
... to Dziubek, Anthony Leigh

Dziubek, Bryan Douglas
... to Dziura, Anthony Michael

Dziura, Autumn Elizabeth
... to Dziurgot, Nathan Matthew

Dziurgot, Philip Allan
... to Dziurman, Tara Lynn

Dziurman, Tara Lynn
... to Dzombak, Ivan Gregory

Dzombak, Jesse William-Penrod
... to Dzubak, Steven Michael

Dzubay, Laura D
... to Dzuris, Holly Rae

Dzuris, Holly Rae
... to Dzurka, Kathleen Ann

Dzurka, Kathleen Ann
... to Dzwik, Bernadette

Dzwik, Bernard
... to Dzwonkowski, John Edward

Dzwonkowski, Joseph Allen
... to Dzyuba, Megan Aileen

Daylight Saving Time:
End It, Don’t Extend It!

Central Standard Time is the mean solar time of 90° west, the blue line at the left. Eastern Standard Time is the mean solar time of 75° west, the blue line down the middle. The red line between them is 82.5° west, where the boundary between Central Standard Time and Eastern Standard Time belongs. Eastern Daylight Saving Time, another name for Atlantic Standard Time, is the mean solar time of 60° west, the blue line at the right.

Only a sliver of Michigan, east of 82.5° west longitude, the red line at the right, belongs on Eastern Standard Time.

     Michigan does not belong on Eastern Daylight Saving Time, which is the same as Atlantic Standard Time. She is simply too far west.

     When Eastern Standard Time is observed, the clocks in Ontonagon Elementary School in Ontonagon are 57 minutes and 12 seconds ahead of their local mean solar time. Switching to Central Standard Time would make the clocks 2 minutes and 48 seconds behind their local mean solar time. However, when Eastern Daylight Saving Time is observed, the clocks are 1 hour, 57 minutes and 12 seconds ahead of their local mean solar time.

“Facts are stubborn things; and whatever may be our wishes, our inclinations, or the dictates of our passion, they cannot alter the state of facts and evidence.” — John Adams, Argument in Defense of the British Soldiers in the Boston Massacre Trials, 4 December 1770.

     Supporters of year-round daylight saving time argue: Changing the clocks twice a year really stinks. Let’s keep the clocks set to the wrong time year-round. They think the government can give them more daylight by tampering with the clocks, which is like thinking you can gain or lose weight by tampering with your scale.

     Supporters of year-round daylight saving time argue that folks have become habituated more to daylight saving time, observing it 8 months every year, than to standard time; but this is because lawmakers forced it onto us. If this bad habit is passed onto little children who are learning how to tell time, when will the bad habit ever be broken?

     Supporters of year-round standard time argue: Changing the clocks twice a year really stinks, and forces people to observe the wrong time of day when daylight saving time is in effect. End it, don’t extend it. Let’s not kick the can down the road and burden future generations with the wrong time. Over the years, businesses will adapt, using winter hours and summer hours, same as libraries do. Let’s keep the clocks set to the time that most closely approximates their actual mean solar time. If you want a long sunlit afternoon, then work from 7:00 to 16:00 standard time, which is the same as 8:00 to 17:00 daylight saving time. Petition your employer, but don’t try to force everybody to keep their clocks set to the wrong time.

A State can exempt herself from daylight saving time without federal approval. See 15 U.S. Code § 260a(a)(1), but year-round daylight saving time requires an Act of Congress.

What is mean solar time?

     Earth rotates on its axis in 23 hours, 56 minutes and 4.098903691 seconds1, but moves along on its orbit during that time, so it takes a few minutes longer for your hemisphere to face the Sun again. Since the orbit is not circular, the length of a solar day varies during the year. To avoid having days of different lengths, the mean (average) day of 24 hours is used. If the Sun transits your meridian, on average, 12 hours after your clock strikes midnight, then your clock is set to the mean (average) solar time of your longitude. For more about solar (Sun) days versus sidereal (other stars) days, see

What does “belong” mean?

     As used here, a place belongs on a time that is no more than 30 minutes away from its local mean solar time. A time zone boundary belongs at the meridian where the local mean solar time is 30 minutes ahead of the standard time in the time zone to the west and 30 minutes behind the standard time in the time zone to the east. Obviously, minor adjustments are recommendable so that the actual boundaries do not run through Tampa, Florida or Oklahoma City, Oklahoma and Brownsville, Texas. The boundary between the Eastern Time Zone and the Atlantic Time Zone, running along the international boundary between Maine, U.S.A. and New Brunswick, Canada, is an example of a minor adjustment.