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Fed up with the Republican Party? The good news is, there is a Libertarian Party. The bad news, for many of you, is that the Libertarians want the United States of America to become a free country, with liberty and justice for all. That is the worst nightmare of the greedy, power-hungry Republocrats, so they make it difficult for Libertarians to be listed on ballots and included in debates.

Pro-Life? No problem. Pro-Life Congressman Ron Paul, M.D., OB/GYN, was the Libertarian nominee for POTUS in 1988. Look over the chessboard for libertarian moves, such as:
• Don’t force anybody to buy insurance that covers abortion. (Better yet, don’t force anybody to buy health insurance, period.)
• Exempt maternity homes from local zoning restrictions, by State law. (Better yet, abolish all local zoning restrictions, by State law.)
• Make Michigan a safe haven for pregnant Papa Don’t Preach runaways. Let the parents, and the bureaucrats from the parents’ home State fume furiously, but those lines on the map mean a lot to bureaucrats, and on Michigan soil, she is under Michigan law.

Let’s see, now... The rioters honestly thought they were defending the United States Constitution by physically resisting the fulfillment of its most vivid sentence: “The President of the Senate shall, in the Presence of the Senate and House of Representatives, open all the Certificates, and the Votes shall then be counted.”

The election wasn’t stolen. Trump lost, largely because he personally enjoyed the thrills of that job while refusing to perform it. Dr. Fauci told us what he knew. Trump told us what he made up. His administration also left regulations in place that hindered testing.

Where to go from here... First, make it easier for candidates of other parties to get listed on the ballots. Next, adopt ranked choice voting. Trump won in 2016 in Florida, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin with a minority of the votes there. Under ranked choice voting, he would have needed a majority of the votes, either a majority of the first choice votes, or if no candidate has such a majority, then a majority of the first and second choice votes, and so on. It is in use now from coast to coast (Alaska and Maine). Next, expand the U.S. House of Representatives to the maximum under the U.S. Constitution, namely, one member for every 30,000 Inhabitants, to diminish the advantage a group of small-population States has in the Electoral College. The U.S. Constitution says, “Each State shall appoint, in such Manner as the Legislature thereof may direct...” and it is sad that all the States have abdicated this duty to the same morons who elected the legislators themselves. That is why campaign money plays such a big role in elections. The electors should be selected by a distinguished panel of experts. Conservative Republican electors might have voted for Mike Pence, even though he is boring, instead of Donald Trump, who is exciting, but an ignorant jackass. Liberal Democrats might have voted for Tulsi Gabbard, because she wants to end regime change wars and she has military experience a commander-in-chief needs, even if her campaign didn’t have a lot of money. Too many voters let pollsters and other voters tell them whom to vote for. They go by what their TV spoon-feeds them.

Hietala, Ethan John
... to Hietikko, Calvin Neil

Hietikko, Carl Eugene
... to Hifko, Kayla Jo

Hifko, Kayla Jo
... to Higbee, Ann

Higbee, Ann Irene
... to Higbee, Donald

Higbee, Donald Floyd
... to Higbee, Kay Lynn

Higbee, Keith James
... to Higbee, Steven Dale

Higbee, Susan Boyd
... to Higbie, Sherrel Lynn

Higbie, Stacey Lynn
... to Higby, Randy Wayne

Higby, Raymond
... to Higdon, Crystal

Higdon, Crystal
... to Higdon, Jonathan Lamar

Higdon, Joseph Lynn
... to Higdon, Nicole Marie

Higdon, Nicole Renee
... to Higdon, William Anthony

Higdon, William Scott
... to Higelmire, Steven Paul

Higelmire, Steven Paul
... to Higgerson, Ronald Drew

Higgerson, Rosemary Anne
... to Higginbotham, Dajsean Demetrius

Higginbotham, Damone
... to Higginbotham, Julie Michelle

Higginbotham, Julie Michelle
... to Higginbotham, Thomas Jefferson

Higginbotham, Thomas Lee
... to Higgins, Aaron James

Higgins, Aaron Robert
... to Higgins, Andre Hodari

Higgins, Andre Hodari
... to Higgins, Ashley Michelle

Higgins, Ashley Nicole-Pariseanne
... to Higgins, Brandon Anton

Higgins, Brandon Anton
... to Higgins, Candace Mae

Higgins, Candy Lee
... to Higgins, Chelsea Erin

Higgins, Chelsea Inez
... to Higgins, Clark Leroy

Higgins, Clark Leroy
... to Higgins, Daniel

Higgins, Daniel Allen
... to Higgins, David Matthew

Higgins, David Matthew
... to Higgins, Dennis Leigh

Higgins, Dennis Mark
... to Higgins, Douglas Craig

Higgins, Douglas Dee
... to Higgins, Emily Gray

Higgins, Emily Gray
... to Higgins, Gary Lee

Higgins, Geoffrey Martin
... to Higgins, Heather Amy

Higgins, Heather Ann
... to Higgins, James Andrew

Higgins, James Andrew
... to Higgins, Janice Marie

Higgins, Janice Marie
... to Higgins, Jerry Joe

Higgins, Jerry Wayne
... to Higgins, John Charles

Higgins, John Charles
... to Higgins, Joseph Patrick-Michael

Higgins, Joseph Robert
... to Higgins, Kameron Letiesha-Louise

Higgins, Kameron Letiesha-Louise
... to Higgins, Kehl Grant

Higgins, Kehl Grant
... to Higgins, Kristina Ann

Higgins, Kristina S
... to Higgins, Leland W

Higgins, Lela Viola
... to Higgins, Lynnda Marie

Higgins, Lynn E
... to Higgins, Mark M

Higgins, Mark Todd
... to Higgins, Melinda Ann

Higgins, Melinda Lee
... to Higgins, Michael Stephen

Higgins, Michael Stephen
... to Higgins, Nicholas Adam

Higgins, Nicholas Adam
... to Higgins, Patrick Michael

Higgins, Patrick Thomas
... to Higgins, Rebecca Jo

Higgins, Rebecca Jo
... to Higgins, Roger James

Higgins, Roger James
... to Higgins, Sarah Christine

Higgins, Sarah Christine
... to Higgins, Shaun Todd

Higgins, Shawen Earl
... to Higgins, Stephen Eric

Higgins, Stephen Eric
... to Higgins, Telisha S

Higgins, Telisha Susan
... to Higgins, Timothy Fredrick

Higgins, Timothy James
... to Higgins, Virginia Marie

Higgins, Wade Randell
... to Higgins-Hunter, Autry

Higgins-Iv, Charles G
... to Higgins-Todd, Tiki Shanti

Higgins-Ward, Tadra Renee
... to Higgs, Cathy Lee

Higgs, Cathy Lee
... to Higgs, James Kenneth

Higgs, James Robert
... to Higgs, Kevin Antoino

Higgs, Kevin Antoino
... to Higgs, Patsy Jean

Higgs, Peggy Mae
... to Higgs, Tracy Deandre

Higgs, Tricia L
... to High, Barbara Gene

High, Barbara Gene
... to High, Donald Hall

High, Donald Hall
... to High, Jennifer Nichole

High, Jennifer Nichole
... to High, Latoya Renee

High, Latoya Renee
... to High, Patricia Sue

High, Patricia Sue
... to High, Tami Sherri

High, Tami Sherri
... to Higham, James Alexander

Higham, James Gordon
... to Highers, Raymond Louis

Highers, Susan Marie
... to Highfield, Karen Rita

Highfield, Karen Rita
... to Highfill, Thomas Franklin

Highfill, Thomas Joseph
... to Highlan, Derek Ryan

Highlan, Derek Ryan
... to Highland, Ronald Lee

Highland, Russell Anthony
... to Highlen, Nicolette Elaine

Highlen, Nicolette Elaine
... to Highlund, Jorden James

Highlund, Jorden James
... to Highsmith, Samantha Marilynne

Highsmith, Shane Michael
... to Hight, Briah Ayreon

Hight, Briah Ayreon
... to Hight, Joshua Charles

Hight, Joshua Charles
... to Hight, Walter Lee

Hight, Walter Lee
... to Hightower, Bobby Levon

Hightower, Bobby Wayne
... to Hightower, David Kevin

Hightower, David Kevin
... to Hightower, Dyllan Zachary

Hightower, Edith Denise
... to Hightower, Jacob Christopher

Hightower, Jacob Christopher
... to Hightower, Kevin Derron

Hightower, Kevin Dewanye
... to Hightower, Margaret

Hightower, Margaret
... to Hightower, Norman Lee

Hightower, Octavia Renee
... to Hightower, Sabrenna Yvette

Hightower, Sabrina Renea
... to Hightower, Tanessa Renee

Hightower, Tanessa Renee
... to Hightower-Holmes, Merkette Lashon

Hightower-Ibrahim, Lieumishia Javawn
... to Higinbotham, Thomas Hudson

Higinbotham, Thomas Hudson
... to Higley, Cody Michael

Higley, Cody Michael
... to Higley, Jennifer Frances

Higley, Jennifer Marie
... to Higley, Nathan Adam

Higley, Nathan Adam
... to Higley, Victoria Ilene

Higley, Victoria Ilene
... to Higson, Neal

Higson, Steven L
... to Hiironen, Jessica Lee

Hiironen, Michael Ross
... to Hijazi, Alex

Hijazi, Alex
... to Hijazi, Nabeela Mohammad

Hijazi, Nabiha Ali
... to Hikade, Michael Robert

Hikade, Michelle Marie
... to Hiland, Jennifer Renee

Hiland, Jennifer Renee
... to Hilaski, Jena Kay

Hilaski, John Bernard
... to Hilberer, Barbara Rowe

Hilberer, Barbara Rowe
... to Hilbert, Ashley Meredith

Hilbert, Ayrin Burke
... to Hilbert, Larry James

Hilbert, Larry James
... to Hilborn, Allison Marie

Hilborn, Anthony Joseph
... to Hilborn, Jerry Dean

Hilborn, Joanne Margaret
... to Hilbrand, Brett James

Hilbrand, Brian John
... to Hilbrand, Timothy Lee

Hilbrand, Trevor Jay
... to Hilbrecht, Hilda L

Hilbrecht, James Harry
... to Hild, Alissa Marie

Hild, Andrea Jeanne
... to Hildabridle, Brian Alan

Hildabridle, Callie Jane
... to Hildebrand, Betty Jean

Hildebrand, Beverly Louise
... to Hildebrand, Elina Maria

Hildebrand, Ellen Louise
... to Hildebrand, John Kent

Hildebrand, John Kent
... to Hildebrand, Mary Lou

Hildebrand, Mary Michele
... to Hildebrand, Sarah Louise

Hildebrand, Scott Joseph
... to Hildebrandt, Andrew David

Hildebrandt, Andrew David
... to Hildebrandt, Elaine Lois

Hildebrandt, Elaine T
... to Hildebrandt, Katia B

Hildebrandt, Kenneth Michael
... to Hildebrandt, Michael Emil

Hildebrandt, Michael Emil
... to Hildebrandt, Susan Marie

Hildebrandt, Susan Marie
... to Hildebrant, Elwyn L

Hildebrant, Elwyn L
... to Hildebrant, Michelle Renee

Hildebrant, Mikayla Marie
... to Hilden, Carol Ann

Hilden, Carolyn Barr
... to Hilden, Lisa Marie

Hilden, Lisa Marie
... to Hildenbrand, Carrie Lynn

Hildenbrand, Carrie Lynn
... to Hildenbrand, Sandra Sue

Hildenbrand, Sharon Jean
... to Hilderbrand, Laurie Ann

Hilderbrand, Laurie Ann
... to Hilderbrant, Michael John

Hilderbrant, Rebecca Jean
... to Hildinger, Joseph James

Hildinger, Justin Ronald
... to Hildner, Lauren Ann

Hildner, Marilyn Sue
... to Hildreth, Christopher Charles

Hildreth, Christopher Todd
... to Hildreth, Kathy Arlene

Hildreth, Kaytlin Ann
... to Hildreth, Sara Kristeen

Hildreth, Sara Kristeen
... to Hile, Ashley Marie

Hile, Ashley Marie
... to Hile, Lynde Raye

Hile, Maegan Danielle
... to Hileman, Dennis Jay

Hileman, Dennis Jay
... to Hileman, Matthew John

Hileman, Matthew John
... to Hiler, Andrea Mae

Hiler, Angela M
... to Hiler, Donald

Hiler, Donald Charles
... to Hiler, Loraine Bonnie

Hiler, Loraine Bonnie
... to Hiler, Steven Lee

Hiler, Steven Lee
... to Hiles, Kathleen Mary

Hiles, Kevin James
... to Hilewsky, Jay Thomas

Hilewsky, Jessica Erin
... to Hilgeman, Rochelle M

Hilgeman, Scott
... to Hilgendorf, Daniel Lee

Hilgendorf, Daniel M
... to Hilgendorf, Kathy Ann

Hilgendorf, Kathy Ann
... to Hilgendorf, Sharon Kay

Hilgendorf, Sidney Michael
... to Hilger, Jenessa Lynn

Hilger, Jennifer Kathleen
... to Hilgris, Victoria Gwyn