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Fed up with the Republican Party? The good news is, there is a Libertarian Party. The bad news, for many of you, is that the Libertarians want the United States of America to become a free country, with liberty and justice for all. That is the worst nightmare of the greedy, power-hungry Republocrats, so they make it difficult for Libertarians to be listed on ballots and included in debates.

Pro-Life? No problem. Pro-Life Congressman Ron Paul, M.D., OB/GYN, was the Libertarian nominee for POTUS in 1988. Look over the chessboard for libertarian moves, such as:
• Don’t force anybody to buy insurance that covers abortion. (Better yet, don’t force anybody to buy health insurance, period.)
• Exempt maternity homes from local zoning restrictions, by State law. (Better yet, abolish all local zoning restrictions, by State law.)
• Make Michigan a safe haven for pregnant Papa Don’t Preach runaways. Let the parents, and the bureaucrats from the parents’ home State fume furiously, but those lines on the map mean a lot to bureaucrats, and on Michigan soil, she is under Michigan law.

Let’s see, now... The rioters honestly thought they were defending the United States Constitution by physically resisting the fulfillment of its most vivid sentence: “The President of the Senate shall, in the Presence of the Senate and House of Representatives, open all the Certificates, and the Votes shall then be counted.”

The election wasn’t stolen. Trump lost, largely because he personally enjoyed the thrills of that job while refusing to perform it. Dr. Fauci told us what he knew. Trump told us what he made up. His administration also left regulations in place that hindered testing.

Where to go from here... First, make it easier for candidates of other parties to get listed on the ballots. Next, adopt ranked choice voting. Trump won in 2016 in Florida, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin with a minority of the votes there. Under ranked choice voting, he would have needed a majority of the votes, either a majority of the first choice votes, or if no candidate has such a majority, then a majority of the first and second choice votes, and so on. It is in use now from coast to coast (Alaska and Maine). Next, expand the U.S. House of Representatives to the maximum under the U.S. Constitution, namely, one member for every 30,000 Inhabitants, to diminish the advantage a group of small-population States has in the Electoral College. The U.S. Constitution says, “Each State shall appoint, in such Manner as the Legislature thereof may direct...” and it is sad that all the States have abdicated this duty to the same morons who elected the legislators themselves. That is why campaign money plays such a big role in elections. The electors should be selected by a distinguished panel of experts. Conservative Republican electors might have voted for Mike Pence, even though he is boring, instead of Donald Trump, who is exciting, but an ignorant jackass. Liberal Democrats might have voted for Tulsi Gabbard, because she wants to end regime change wars and she has military experience a commander-in-chief needs, even if her campaign didn’t have a lot of money. Too many voters let pollsters and other voters tell them whom to vote for. They go by what their TV spoon-feeds them.

Hobbs, Donald
... to Hobbs, Gary Anthony

Hobbs, George Anthony
... to Hobbs, James Wesley

Hobbs, James Wesley
... to Hobbs, John Dontae

Hobbs, John E
... to Hobbs, Kelleigh Linae

Hobbs, Kelleigh Linae
... to Hobbs, Lauryn

Hobbs, Lawanda Ann
... to Hobbs, Martika Mechelle

Hobbs, Martika Mechelle
... to Hobbs, Michael Wayne

Hobbs, Michele
... to Hobbs, Perry Franklin

Hobbs, Perry Franklin
... to Hobbs, Ronald Ray

Hobbs, Ronald Ray
... to Hobbs, Staci Leann

Hobbs, Staci Leann
... to Hobbs, Todd Edward

Hobbs, Todd Edward
... to Hobbs-Valentine, Karolyn D

Hobbs-Vriezema, Brian Keith
... to Hobden, Margaret Jean

Hobden, Marlana Louise-Jenee
... to Hobdy, Tommie

Hobdy, Tommie
... to Hoberg, Timothy James

Hoberg, Trisha Marie
... to Hobgood, Charles David

Hobgood, Cheryl Ann
... to Hobkirk, Jason William

Hobkirk, Jean Marie
... to Hobmeier, Joseph Theodore

Hobmeier, Lila Ilona
... to Hobson, Alvin

Hobson, Alyssa Joan
... to Hobson, Brent Richard

Hobson, Brent Richard
... to Hobson, Crystal Audrey

Hobson, Crystal Audrey
... to Hobson, Dorothy Jean

Hobson, Douglas Arthur
... to Hobson, Gertrude

Hobson, Gertrude
... to Hobson, Jeffrey Todd

Hobson, Jenaca Anne-Fortuna
... to Hobson, Karli Nicole

Hobson, Katherine Louise
... to Hobson, Laree Lynn

Hobson, Laree Lynn
... to Hobson, Mark Douglas

Hobson, Mark Douglas
... to Hobson, Myrtle Marie

Hobson, Nancy A
... to Hobson, Rochelle Leigh

Hobson, Rocio
... to Hobson, Susan Marie

Hobson, Susan Therese
... to Hobson, William Robert

Hobson, William Robert
... to Hocevar, Toni Ann

Hocevar, Valerie Marie
... to Hoch, Doris Lorraine

Hoch, Douglas Earl
... to Hoch, Kyle Anthony

Hoch, Laura Elizabeth
... to Hoch, Terri Lyne

Hoch, Theodore Andrew
... to Hochdoerfer, Cornelius

Hochella, Dianna Elizabeth
... to Hochhalter, Matthew Thomas

Hochhalter, Matthew Thomas
... to Hochman, William Abel

Hochman-Herz, Jamie Alisa
... to Hochrein, Laurie Marie

Hochrein, Lucinda Lee
... to Hochstedler, Wendy Joanne

Hochstedler, Wendy Joanne
... to Hochstein, Nicholas Kurt

Hochstein, Patricia L
... to Hochstetler, Gerald Lewis

Hochstetler, Gideon W
... to Hochstetler, Samuel R

Hochstetler, Samuel U
... to Hock, Barbara Ann

Hock, Barbara Ann
... to Hock, Frank Charles-Dwight

Hock, Frank Charles-Dwight
... to Hock, Kathryn T

Hock, Kayleigh Renea
... to Hock, Robert Dalton

Hock, Robert Otto
... to Hockaday, Kelsey Corinne

Hockaday, Kelsey Corinne
... to Hockemeyer, Christopher Lynn

Hockemeyer, Christopher Lynn
... to Hocken, David John

Hocken, Dawn Marie
... to Hockenberry, Gary Dean

Hockenberry, Griffin P
... to Hockenhull, Barbara Lee

Hockenhull, Beverly Jean
... to Hocker, Esther Louise

Hocker, Garnet Ruth
... to Hockett, Cheryl Lynn

Hockett, Cheryl Lynn
... to Hockett, Warren Eli

Hockett, Warren Eli
... to Hockey, Judith Kay

Hockey, Julie Linn
... to Hockin, Ann Elizabeth

Hockin, Ann Kathleen
... to Hockin, Kevin Daniel

Hockin, Kevin Field
... to Hocking, Austin W

Hocking, Barbara Nancy
... to Hocking, Gloria Jean

Hocking, Grace Anna
... to Hocking, Mary Jane

Hocking, Matthew James
... to Hocking, Thomas William

Hocking, Timothy David
... to Hockman, Valerie Lynne

Hockman, Valerie Lynne
... to Hockstad, Benjamin Michael

Hockstad, David Lawrence
... to Hockstra, Katelyn Marie

Hockstra, Kellie Ann
... to Hocquard, Earl Elwood

Hocquard, Frances Louella
... to Hocutt, Kenny Lloyd

Hocutt, Kenny Lloyd
... to Hodapp, Catherine Elizabeth

Hodapp, David Patrick
... to Hodde, Christopher Jon

Hodde, Darin Ross
... to Hodder, Joseph Anthony

Hodder, Joseph Anthony
... to Hodder, Sheri Ann

Hodder, Sheri Ann
... to Hodel, Daniel Mark

Hodel, James Michael
... to Hoder, Lisa Marie

Hoder, Lisa Marie
... to Hodge, Alvin Henry

Hodge, Alyssa Eryn
... to Hodge, Ashley Kay

Hodge, Ashley Kay
... to Hodge, Bobby Wayne

Hodge, Bonnie Marie
... to Hodge, Carey Lawrence

Hodge, Carey Lawrence
... to Hodge, Christopher Edward

Hodge, Christopher Glen
... to Hodge, Crystal Marie

Hodge, Curtis Martin
... to Hodge, David Lynn

Hodge, David M
... to Hodge, Devonna Markista

Hodge, Diamond Fleming
... to Hodge, Elrico

Hodge, Elrico Richard
... to Hodge, Gary Donald

Hodge, Gary Donald
... to Hodge, Heather Diane

Hodge, Heather Lynn
... to Hodge, James Jeffery

Hodge, James Lamacia
... to Hodge, Jena Marie

Hodge, Jena Marie
... to Hodge, John Henry

Hodge, Johnie
... to Hodge, Kara Jean

Hodge, Kara Julianna
... to Hodge, Kevin Lamar

Hodge, Kevin Lee
... to Hodge, Laurie Lynn

Hodge, Laurita T
... to Hodge, Lucrecia Chanelle

Hodge, Lucy Willene
... to Hodge, Matthew Dale

Hodge, Matthew Gerald
... to Hodge, Michelle Renee

Hodge, Michell Renee
... to Hodge, Pamela Anne

Hodge, Pamela K
... to Hodge, Rebecca June

Hodge, Rebecca Lynn
... to Hodge, Ronald Leroy

Hodge, Ronald Leroy
... to Hodge, Shakira Mary-Monae

Hodge, Shalanda Shanise
... to Hodge, Stephan Patrick

Hodge, Stephen Leroy
... to Hodge, Terry Gordon

Hodge, Terry Gordon
... to Hodge, Tyrell Joshua

Hodge, Tyrell Joshua
... to Hodge, Yvette Renee

Hodge, Yvonne
... to Hodgemire, Shane William

Hodgemire, Shane William
... to Hodges, Alanna Maryjo

Hodges, Alanna Maryjo
... to Hodges, Amy Kristine

Hodges, Amy Lea
... to Hodges, Anya Jalin

Hodges, April Elaine
... to Hodges, Beverly Beatrice

Hodges, Beverly Beatrice
... to Hodges, Bryan Michael

Hodges, Bryan Thomas
... to Hodges, Catherine Martha

Hodges, Catherine May
... to Hodges, Christal Jane

Hodges, Christenne B
... to Hodges, Cory Lynn

Hodges, Courtinie Raine
... to Hodges, Danny Ray

Hodges, Danny Shawn
... to Hodges, Deanne Yvonne

Hodges, Deanne Yvonne
... to Hodges, Diane Ellen

Hodges, Diane Ellen
... to Hodges, Edward Earl

Hodges, Edward James
... to Hodges, Faye Joan

Hodges, Faye Joan
... to Hodges, Gordon Thomas

Hodges, Gordon Thomas
... to Hodges, Hyweeda

Hodges, Ian Daniel
... to Hodges, James Lynn

Hodges, James Martin
... to Hodges, Jeffrey Alan

Hodges, Jeffrey Allen
... to Hodges, Jill Marie

Hodges, Joan D
... to Hodges, Joseph Carl

Hodges, Joseph Carl
... to Hodges, Karen Lee

Hodges, Karen Lynn
... to Hodges, Kent Lee

Hodges, Kerie Ann
... to Hodges, Kourtney Reigh

Hodges, Kourtney Reigh
... to Hodges, Latonya Denise

Hodges, Latonya Denise
... to Hodges, Linda Ray

Hodges, Linda S
... to Hodges, Malesha Marie

Hodges, Malesha Marie
... to Hodges, Mary Helen

Hodges, Mary Helen
... to Hodges, Micah Lee

Hodges, Michael
... to Hodges, Michelle Lynne

Hodges, Michelle Lynne
... to Hodges, Nicholas Andrew

Hodges, Nicholas George
... to Hodges, Paul Kenneth

Hodges, Paul Robert
... to Hodges, Richard Donald

Hodges, Richard Edward
... to Hodges, Robert Theodore

Hodges, Robert Theodore
... to Hodges, Samantha Jo

Hodges, Samantha Lee
... to Hodges, Shanell Marie

Hodges, Shanell Marie
... to Hodges, Stacy Ann

Hodges, Stacy Ann
... to Hodges, Tanya Kaye

Hodges, Tanya Kaye
... to Hodges, Tia Marie

Hodges, Tia Marie
... to Hodges, Tyisha Monet

Hodges, Tyler Benjamin
... to Hodges, William Bradley

Hodges, William Bradley
... to Hodges-Kluck, Edmund John-Jin-Ho

Hodges-Kluck, Jana Michel
... to Hodgeson, William Peter

Hodgeson-Sedlacek, Karen Lynn
... to Hodgins, Cheryl Ann

Hodgins, Cheryl Lynn
... to Hodgins, Katilynn Dawn

Hodgins, Kelby John-Sauve
... to Hodgins, Renae E

Hodgins, Renae Kay
... to Hodgkin, Holly Elizabeth

Hodgkin, Jackie Lee
... to Hodgkins, Nicole Marie

Hodgkins, Nicole Marie
... to Hodgkinson, Gary Lee

Hodgkinson, Gary Lee
... to Hodgkinson-Fischer, Ashley Elizabeth