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Hutchens, Andrew Joseph
... to Hutchens, Gladys Evelyn

Hutchens, Gladys Pauline
... to Hutchens, Leslie Charles

Hutchens, Loretta Marilyn
... to Hutchens, Stephanie Lynn

Hutchens, Stephen Cameron
... to Hutcherson, Anthony Lavell

Hutcherson, Anthony Lavell
... to Hutcherson, Ernest Charles

Hutcherson, Ernest Charles
... to Hutcherson, Milira Lashell

Hutcherson, Milira Lashell
... to Hutcherson, Timmy

Hutcherson, Timmy Deonte
... to Hutcheson, Grace

Hutcheson, Gregory Dean
... to Hutcheson, Sarah Jane

Hutcheson, Sarah Jane
... to Hutchings, Chad Robert

Hutchings, Charles Eugene
... to Hutchings, Jaycin Seth

Hutchings, Jay Kevin
... to Hutchings, Linda Dianne

Hutchings, Lindsey Marie
... to Hutchings, Robin Beth

Hutchings, Robin Beth
... to Hutchins, Alexander Dante

Hutchins, Alexandria T
... to Hutchins, Barbara Jean

Hutchins, Barbara Jean
... to Hutchins, Christin Ann

Hutchins, Christin Ann
... to Hutchins, David Shawn

Hutchins, David Terry
... to Hutchins, Eric Charles

Hutchins, Eric Leroy
... to Hutchins, Jack Thomas

Hutchins, Jacob Clayton
... to Hutchins, Jessica Lynn

Hutchins, Jessica Lynn
... to Hutchins, Karen Marie

Hutchins, Karen Marie
... to Hutchins, Larry Kristofer

Hutchins, Lashana Bertha
... to Hutchins, Marcel Lamont

Hutchins, Marcel Lamont
... to Hutchins, Michael John

Hutchins, Michael Kenneth
... to Hutchins, Pearlie Mae

Hutchins, Peggy June
... to Hutchins, Rutha Mae

Hutchins, Ryan Daniel
... to Hutchins, Steven Andrew

Hutchins, Steven Edward
... to Hutchins, Tynisha R

Hutchins, Tyrone Zodah
... to Hutchinson, Adam Lee

Hutchinson, Adam Lee
... to Hutchinson, Andrew Orlando

Hutchinson, Andrew Orlando
... to Hutchinson, Ashley Sue

Hutchinson, Ashley Sue
... to Hutchinson, Brenda Sue

Hutchinson, Brenda Sue
... to Hutchinson, Carolyn Mary

Hutchinson, Carrie Mayja-Dax
... to Hutchinson, Christopher Lee

Hutchinson, Christopher Lee
... to Hutchinson, Daniel Earl

Hutchinson, Daniel Earl
... to Hutchinson, Deann Marie

Hutchinson, Deann Marie
... to Hutchinson, Donald Lee

Hutchinson, Donald Lee
... to Hutchinson, Emma Nicole

Hutchinson, Eric Allen
... to Hutchinson, George Willie

Hutchinson, George Willie
... to Hutchinson, Holden Chase

Hutchinson, Holden Chase
... to Hutchinson, James Robert

Hutchinson, James Robert
... to Hutchinson, Jenna Lynne

Hutchinson, Jenna Lynne
... to Hutchinson, Jody Arthur

Hutchinson, Jody Arthur
... to Hutchinson, Judith Ann

Hutchinson, Judith Ann
... to Hutchinson, Kelly Ann

Hutchinson, Kelly Catherine
... to Hutchinson, Larry

Hutchinson, Larry E
... to Hutchinson, Lisa Muzzin

Hutchinson, Logan M
... to Hutchinson, Marla Jean

Hutchinson, Marlyss Megan
... to Hutchinson, Melissa Louise

Hutchinson, Melissa M
... to Hutchinson, Nancy Diane

Hutchinson, Nancy Diane
... to Hutchinson, Patricia Helen

Hutchinson, Patricia Helen
... to Hutchinson, Rebekah Jean

Hutchinson, Renae Lynn
... to Hutchinson, Ronald Lawrence

Hutchinson, Ronald Lawrence
... to Hutchinson, Sara Lowe

Hutchinson, Sasha Nicole
... to Hutchinson, Sherise Michelle

Hutchinson, Sherrie Louise
... to Hutchinson, Tammy Jo

Hutchinson, Tammy Jo
... to Hutchinson, Tierra Dashawn

Hutchinson, Tiffany Janelle
... to Hutchinson, Tracey Nicole

Hutchinson, Tracey Nicole
... to Hutchinson, Warren E

Hutchinson, Warren G
... to Hutchinson-Koscielny, Joanna Lynn

Hutchinson-Koscielny, Joanna Lynn
... to Hutchison, Archie Adam

Hutchison, Archie Adam
... to Hutchison, Chelsea Rae

Hutchison, Cheryl Adams
... to Hutchison, Donna Marie

Hutchison, Dorian Levi
... to Hutchison, Hannah Marie

Hutchison, Hannah Marie
... to Hutchison, Jennifer Ann

Hutchison, Jennifer Bethany
... to Hutchison, Kathleen

Hutchison, Kathleen Helen
... to Hutchison, Linda Joan

Hutchison, Linda Joan
... to Hutchison, Michael Scott

Hutchison, Michael W
... to Hutchison, Randi Danielle-Biand

Hutchison, Randy Myron
... to Hutchison, Shantell Renee

Hutchison, Shantell Renee
... to Hutchison, Thomas Eugene

Hutchison, Thomas Mitchell
... to Hutchons, Darryl Emerson

Hutchons, Darryl Emerson
... to Hutek, Kevin Frank

Hutek, Kyle Allen
... to Huth, Christina L

Huth, Cole Edward
... to Huth, Timothy Lester

Huth, Tina Marie
... to Hutman, Clara C

Hutman, Deborah Renee
... to Hutsell, Suzanne Marcia

Hutsell, Timothy Lee
... to Hutson, Ashley Jessica

Hutson, Ashley Marie
... to Hutson, Charles

Hutson, Charles Cental
... to Hutson, David Lynn

Hutson, David Paul
... to Hutson, Freddie Augustus

Hutson, Fredie Lee
... to Hutson, Jennifer Mae

Hutson, Jennifer Mae
... to Hutson, Latrell Ray

Hutson, Latrell Ray
... to Hutson, Melinda Marie

Hutson, Melinda Marie
... to Hutson, Rachael Ann

Hutson, Rachael Ann
... to Hutson, Shaedon Darterien

Hutson, Shaedon Darterien
... to Hutson, Thomas Edward

Hutson, Thomas Edward
... to Hutt, Alice

Hutt, Allison Lynn
... to Hutt, Roy William

Hutt, Roy William
... to Huttenga, Barbara L

Huttenga, Barbara L
... to Huttenga, Orlo J

Huttenga, Patricia Ann
... to Hutter, Andreas Eldor

Hutter, Andrew Carl
... to Hutter, Richard James

Hutter, Richard James
... to Hutting, Kathleen Kay

Hutting, Lacy Bettina
... to Hutto, Haley C

Hutto, James Michael
... to Hutton, Barbara Diane

Hutton, Barbara Lynn
... to Hutton, Dale Bradley

Hutton, Daniel C
... to Hutton, Erin Emery

Hutton, Erin Leigh
... to Hutton, Jayne Alexandria

Hutton, Jayne Alexandria
... to Hutton, Keith Houstin

Hutton, Keith Houstin
... to Hutton, Martha Lou

Hutton, Mary Ann
... to Hutton, Riley

Hutton, Rita Marie
... to Hutton, Tyjuantay Marquise

Hutton, Valerie J
... to Hutz, Alicia Willo

Hutz, Alicia Willo
... to Huusko, Gerald P

Huusko, Gerald Patrick
... to Huver, Anthony James

Huver, Anthony Paul
... to Huver, Katherine Labadie

Huver, Katherine Labadie
... to Huver, Rachel Amanda

Huver, Rachel Amanda
... to Hux, Clayton Riley-Dale

Hux, Darla Elizabeth
... to Huxhold, Megan Nicole

Huxhold, Teresa Ann
... to Huyberts, Rosanna Mary

Huybrechts, Alan Raymond
... to Huyck, Courtney Allison

Huyck, Courtney Allison
... to Huyck, Joy Ann

Huyck, Joy Helene
... to Huyck, Sabrina Lynn

Huyck, Sabrina Lynn
... to Huyge, James Leo

Huyge, Janis Lynn
... to Huyghe, Erik Philip

Huyghe, Fay Judith
... to Huyghe, Sammy-Jo Lynn

Huyghe, Sammy-Jo Lynn
... to Huynh, Chan Ai

Huynh, Chanh Thoai
... to Huynh, Hai Duc

Huynh, Hai Duo
... to Huynh, Julie Vo

Huynh, Julie Vo
... to Huynh, Lucy Vo

Huynh, Lung Duc
... to Huynh, Phat Lien

Huynh, Philip Hung
... to Huynh, Thi Tuyet

Huynh, Thoa Anh
... to Huynh, Tuyetnga Thi

Huynh, Tuyet Thi-Bach
... to Huyser, Alvin

Huyser, Alvina A
... to Huyser, Emily Joy

Huyser, Emma Jean
... to Huyser, Karen Lynn

Huyser, Karen Rae
... to Huyser, Richard Lee

Huyser, Riley Elizabeth-Irina
... to Huysken, Pieter James

Huysken, Pieter James
... to Huziak, Debra Lea

Huziak, Elmer
... to Hvizdos, Rachel Jean

Hvizdos, Ruth Ellen
... to Hwang, Dooil

Hwang, Duck Hwan
... to Hwang, Joseph Chi

Hwang, Joseph Yon
... to Hwang, So Young

Hwang, Steve
... to Hy, Denise Annette

Hy, John Ferdinand
... to Hyatt, Ashley Elizabeth

Hyatt, Ashley Ellen
... to Hyatt, Christopher James

Hyatt, Christopher Lee
... to Hyatt, Duane Richard

Hyatt, Dustin Lee
... to Hyatt, James Rogers

Hyatt, James Rogers
... to Hyatt, Kelly Suzanne

Hyatt, Kenneth Dale
... to Hyatt, Marjorie Ruth

Hyatt, Mark Robert
... to Hyatt, Paul Andrew

Hyatt, Paul Herbert
... to Hyatt, Selena Lavera

Hyatt, Selena Lavera
... to Hyatt, Zachary Michael-Daniel

Hyatt, Zachary Michael-Daniel
... to Hybl, Dean Emery

Hybl, Dean Emery
... to Hydal, Sylvia Laverna

Hydar, John Nicholas
... to Hyde, Angela Bruni-Clementelli

Hyde, Angela Bruni-Clementelli
... to Hyde, Brianna Lee

Hyde, Brianna Lee
... to Hyde, Chelsey Ann

Hyde, Chelsey Lee
... to Hyde, Darla Rae

Legalize Walking

     If they have money for a street, they have money for a sidewalk. If they have money for traffic lights, they have money for crosswalk lights. If they have money to plow snow off the streets, they have money to plow snow off the sidewalks, instead of plowing snow onto the sidewalks and leaving it there until it melts. If it is the government’s job to build and plow streets for persons with vehicles, then it is the government’s job to build and plow sidewalks, not the job of each landowner. If the landowner owns the land where the sidewalk is, then she has a right to forbid trespass, and the government has no right to take her property for public use without just compensation. Forcing her to shovel the sidewalk is slavery.

     At night, when the traffic lights flash, the crosswalk lights do not work. Pushing the button does nothing. When a freight train crosses the street, lights flash, bells clang and gates drop, to protect the lives of persons in vehicles, persons who matter.

     When you finally manage to earn a paycheck without owning a vehicle, you may find that bank closed, but the drive-up window is still open, for persons who matter. Some victims claim their truck won’t fit under the canopy, and the teller serves them, thinking they are persons who own vehicles, persons who matter.

     The highway project on the Maryland end of the Woodrow Wilson Memorial Bridge looks like something the Three Stooges would design. Look at all the wasted land. If they have money for that, they have money for sidewalks and crosswalk lights.

     Zoning restrictions impose great distances between homes and places where folks can work, shop, or gather to drink alcohol, preventing folks from walking there and back. In a free country, there would be no zoning restrictions, nor would government bureaucrats, backed by the long arm of the law, force builders to add parking lots, which walkers obviously do not need, but they still have to pay for in higher rent.

     Motorist Supremacy also manifests itself when a driver flips out, furiously cursing, “Who is this maggot riding a bicycle on a public way, forcing me, a motorist to slow all the way down to the legal speed limit?” Just when they think life couldn’t get any worse, the mere bicyclist has the nerve to signal a left turn, stopping to let oncoming traffic pass first. The driver would not lean on the horn and scream profanities at a fellow motorist who stops to turn left.

     Motorist Supremacists will argue that things are this way because not many folks walk. Truth is, not many folks walk because the government makes walking so dangerous and so difficult, maliciously forcing folks to buy vehicles, empowering the government to control folks with the threat of license suspension.