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The Key To Economic Justice And Prosperity: Scroll Down

Hyde, Darla Rae
... to Hyde, Dontrell Earl

Hyde, Doris Ann
... to Hyde, Evan Leigh

Hyde, Eve Landon
... to Hyde, Jacquelyn Anne

Hyde, Jacquelyn Anne
... to Hyde, Jeremy Michael

Hyde, Jeremy Michael
... to Hyde, Julie Ann

Hyde, Julie Anne
... to Hyde, Kevin Neal

Hyde, Kevin Neal
... to Hyde, Lisa Anne

Hyde, Lisa Anne
... to Hyde, Mark William

Hyde, Mark William
... to Hyde, Michael Richard

Hyde, Michael Thomas
... to Hyde, Patricia Lenore

Hyde, Patricia Monica
... to Hyde, Robert Lee

Hyde, Robert Lewis
... to Hyde, Shannon Ranee

Hyde, Sharon Ann
... to Hyde, Tanya Lynn

Hyde, Tanya Lynn
... to Hyde, Vickie Lynette

Hyde, Vickie Lynette
... to Hyden, Angela Marie

Hyden, Barbara Ann
... to Hyden, Paul Andrew

Hyden, Phillip Duglas
... to Hyder, Christina Gale

Hyder, Christina Gale
... to Hyder, Linda Sue

Hyder, Linnea Lee
... to Hyder, Tracie Marlene

Hyder, Tracie Marlene
... to Hydorn, William Cec

Hydorn, William Lewis
... to Hyer, Angela Marie

Hyer, Billy Jack
... to Hyink, Barbara Jean

Hyink, Barbara Jean
... to Hyland, Allen Gerald

Hyland, Amber Nicole
... to Hyland, Gretchen Michelle

Hyland, Gretchen Michelle
... to Hyland, Matthew Lee

Hyland, Megan Ashley
... to Hyland, Thomas Davenport

Hyland, Thomas Davenport
... to Hylek, Carrie Frances

Hylek, Jeffrey John
... to Hyliard, Chelsea Christine

Hyliard, Chelsea Christine
... to Hylla, Susan Lee

Hylla, Susan Lee
... to Hylton, Helen Elizabeth

Hylton, Helen Elizabeth
... to Hylton, Wendy Lou

Hylton, Wendy Lou
... to Hyma, Marcia Lyn

Hyma, Marcia Lyn
... to Hyman, Brittany Monique

Hyman, Brittany Nicole
... to Hyman, Jared Ross

Hyman, Jason Alan
... to Hyman, Nicholas Norman

Hyman, Norman
... to Hymel, Jeffrey Paul

Hymel, Matthew John
... to Hymes, Ronald Alan

Hymes, Sally Jo
... to Hynd, George William

Hynd, George William
... to Hyne, Doris E

Hyne, Esther Theresa
... to Hynes, Brian James

Hynes, Brian Joseph
... to Hynes, Jeffrey Stephen

Hynes, Jeffrey William
... to Hynes, Mark A

Hynes, Mark Alexander
... to Hynes, Ryan Joseph

Hynes, Rylee Rene
... to Hynous, Brian Philip

Hynous, Brian Philip
... to Hypes, Marketta Fay

Hypes, Melissa Dawn
... to Hypnarowicz, Da-Shaun Anthonie

Hypnarowicz, David John
... to Hyrkas, Lynette Kathleen

Hyrkas, Maria Ann
... to Hyrman, Timothy Bruce

Hyrman, Timothy Bruce
... to Hyry, Donald Roy

Hyry, Janice Rae
... to Hysell, Cody Lee

Hysell, Colton Tyler
... to Hysell, Kurt William

Hysell, Larry Lee
... to Hyseni, Besnik

Hyseni, Enkelq
... to Hyska, Megan Sue

Hyska, Megan Sue
... to Hyslop, Danielle Kaye

Hyslop, Danielle Marie
... to Hyslop, Mary Jane

Hyslop, Mary Lou
... to Hyso, Ernestine Anne

Hyso, Ernestine Anne
... to Hyte, Jasmine Laneise

Hyte, Jasmine Laneise
... to Hyter, Shelly Ann

Hyter, Susan Ethel
... to Hytinen, Nicholas James

Hytinen, Norell Kristen
... to Hyun, Ashley Ji-Yoon

Hyun, Bok Dong
... to Hyvonen, Deborah Lynn

Hyvonen, Diana O
... to Hyzer, Dean Lee

Hyzer, Dean Lee
... to Hzika, Talia Sophie

Abolish Zoning

     The key to achieving economic justice and prosperity is to abolish the zoning restrictions. Immediately, an abundance of new jobs in demolition and construction will follow. The glut of new housing, meeting the latest code, would force down rents. Families could save money. If you want a house with a big yard, buy one, but bureaucrats backed by the long arm of the law have no right to force you to buy one.

     Likewise, they force the builder to add a parking lot. Folks without cars obviously do not need that, but it increases their rents.

     In a free country, somebody who buys all the land on a block could erect an apartment house from corner to corner. City Hall has no right to force them to add an off-street loading dock, but in practice it would be necessary because City Hall could forbid stopping on the street to load and unload moving vans. The ambulance would also need a place to park.

     One hundred families living in one building will leak a lot less heat than one hundred single-family homes spread out on land that was recently a farm. With more persons waiting at each bus stop, bus companies could extend their hours and routes. In a free country, anybody could buy some buses, hire qualified drivers, and open a bus route.

     If you have a car, don’t move into a place without parking, genius.

     There will be plenty of opposition from residents who don’t want working class, immigrants and Black folks moving into “their” town. They think that a low traffic volume on “their” street is a right that belongs to folks who can afford a house on a side street. News flash: It is a public way.

     Some landlords will face declining rents as the glut of new housing goes onto the market. Some will lose everything when they cannot make their mortgage payments. A similar thing happened in the 1860’s when slaves were emancipated.

     If you cannot afford to move into an affluent suburb, then you cannot vote there, but you can vote for pro-liberty candidates for the State legislature, a body that can eliminate zoning by State law.