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Fed up with the Republican Party? The good news is, there is a Libertarian Party. The bad news, for many of you, is that the Libertarians want the United States of America to become a free country, with liberty and justice for all. That is the worst nightmare of the greedy, power-hungry Republocrats, so they make it difficult for Libertarians to be listed on ballots and included in debates.

Pro-Life? No problem. Pro-Life Congressman Ron Paul, M.D., OB/GYN, was the Libertarian nominee for POTUS in 1988. Look over the chessboard for libertarian moves, such as:
• Don’t force anybody to buy insurance that covers abortion. (Better yet, don’t force anybody to buy health insurance, period.)
• Exempt maternity homes from local zoning restrictions, by State law. (Better yet, abolish all local zoning restrictions, by State law.)
• Make Michigan a safe haven for pregnant Papa Don’t Preach runaways. Let the parents, and the bureaucrats from the parents’ home State fume furiously, but those lines on the map mean a lot to bureaucrats, and on Michigan soil, she is under Michigan law.

Let’s see, now... The rioters honestly thought they were defending the United States Constitution by physically resisting the fulfillment of its most vivid sentence: “The President of the Senate shall, in the Presence of the Senate and House of Representatives, open all the Certificates, and the Votes shall then be counted.”

The election wasn’t stolen. Trump lost, largely because he personally enjoyed the thrills of that job while refusing to perform it. Dr. Fauci told us what he knew. Trump told us what he made up. His administration also left regulations in place that hindered testing.

Where to go from here... First, make it easier for candidates of other parties to get listed on the ballots. Next, adopt ranked choice voting. Trump won in 2016 in Florida, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin with a minority of the votes there. Under ranked choice voting, he would have needed a majority of the votes, either a majority of the first choice votes, or if no candidate has such a majority, then a majority of the first and second choice votes, and so on. It is in use now from coast to coast (Alaska and Maine). Next, expand the U.S. House of Representatives to the maximum under the U.S. Constitution, namely, one member for every 30,000 Inhabitants, to diminish the advantage a group of small-population States has in the Electoral College. The U.S. Constitution says, “Each State shall appoint, in such Manner as the Legislature thereof may direct...” and it is sad that all the States have abdicated this duty to the same morons who elected the legislators themselves. That is why campaign money plays such a big role in elections. The electors should be selected by a distinguished panel of experts. Conservative Republican electors might have voted for Mike Pence, even though he is boring, instead of Donald Trump, who is exciting, but an ignorant jackass. Liberal Democrats might have voted for Tulsi Gabbard, because she wants to end regime change wars and she has military experience a commander-in-chief needs, even if her campaign didn’t have a lot of money. Too many voters let pollsters and other voters tell them whom to vote for. They go by what their TV spoon-feeds them.

Jones, Lisa Jeanine
... to Jones, Lisa Marie

Jones, Lisa Marie
... to Jones, Lisa Y

Jones, Lisa Y
... to Jones, Lois Elizabeth

Jones, Lois Evelyn
... to Jones, Lonnie Lee

Jones, Lonnie P
... to Jones, Lorenzo

Jones, Lorenzo
... to Jones, Lori Lee

Jones, Lori Lynn
... to Jones, Louis

Jones, Louis
... to Jones, Louis Welton

Jones, Louis Welton
... to Jones, Lucretia Katurah

Jones, Lucretia Keturah
... to Jones, Lydia Mae

Jones, Lydia Marcia
... to Jones, Lynn Earl

Jones, Lynne Bianca
... to Jones, Macio Demarivs

Jones, Macio Demarivs
... to Jones, Madison Paige

Jones, Madison Renee
... to Jones, Malcolm Anthony

Jones, Malcolm Anthony
... to Jones, Malvies Renee

Jones, Malvina
... to Jones, Marceline Yvonne

Jones, Marceline Yvonne
... to Jones, Marc James

Jones, Marc James
... to Jones, Marcus K

Jones, Marcus Kenric
... to Jones, Margaret Agnes

Jones, Margaret Alice
... to Jones, Margie Imani

Jones, Margie Imani
... to Jones, Maria Rosario

Jones, Maria Shermina
... to Jones, Marilyn Elizabeth

Jones, Marilyn Elizabeth
... to Jones, Marion Elaine

Jones, Marion Elizabeth
... to Jones, Mark Alan

Jones, Mark Alan
... to Jones, Mark Christopher

Jones, Mark Christopher
... to Jones, Markiea Melvina

Jones, Markiee Lamar
... to Jones, Mark Terry

Jones, Mark Thomas
... to Jones, Marleto Juan

Jones, Marlettha Anettea
... to Jones, Marquis Eric

Jones, Marquise Shabbar
... to Jones, Marshona Ra-Kea

Jones, Marshona Ra-Kea
... to Jones, Martha Regina

Jones, Martha Renay
... to Jones, Marvella

Jones, Marvella
... to Jones, Marvin Steven

Jones, Marvin Steven
... to Jones, Mary Anne

Jones, Mary Anne
... to Jones, Mary Ellen

Jones, Mary Ellen
... to Jones, Mary Jo

Jones, Mary Jo
... to Jones, Mary Louise

Jones, Mary Louise
... to Jones, Marzella

Jones, Marzell Louis
... to Jones, Matthew Carl

Jones, Matthew Charles
... to Jones, Matthew Joseph

Jones, Matthew Joseph
... to Jones, Matthew Scott

Jones, Matthew Steven
... to Jones, Maurice

Jones, Maurice
... to Jones, Mavis G

Jones, Max Allen
... to Jones, Meaghan Donna-Louise

Jones, Meaghan Donna-Louise
... to Jones, Megan Rebecca

Jones, Megan Renee
... to Jones, Melanie Antoinette

Jones, Melanie Antoinette
... to Jones, Melissa A

Jones, Melissa Adele
... to Jones, Melissa Kay

Jones, Melissa Kay
... to Jones, Melodie Rejane

Jones, Melodie Rejane
... to Jones, Melvin Napier

Jones, Melvin Napier
... to Jones, Mia Edith

Jones, Miah Denise-Antionette
... to Jones, Michael

Jones, Michael
... to Jones, Michael Andrew

Jones, Michael Andrew
... to Jones, Michael Anthony-Ward

Jones, Michael Anton
... to Jones, Michael Dale

Jones, Michael Dale
... to Jones, Michael Douglas

Jones, Michael Douglas
... to Jones, Michael Henry

Jones, Michael Henry
... to Jones, Michael Joseph

Jones, Michael Joseph-Tristen
... to Jones, Michael Leo

Jones, Michael Leo
... to Jones, Michael Perry

Jones, Michael Perry
... to Jones, Michael Sean

Jones, Michael Sebastian
... to Jones, Michael Wallace

Jones, Michael Wallance
... to Jones, Michele Estelle

Jones, Michele Grace
... to Jones, Michelle Dawn

Jones, Michelle Denise
... to Jones, Michelle Lynn

Jones, Michelle Lynn
... to Jones, Michelle Shaun

Jones, Michelle Starr
... to Jones, Mike Lee

Jones, Mike Lee
... to Jones, Millie

Jones, Millie Lee
... to Jones, Miranda Lee

Jones, Miranda Louise
... to Jones, Miyako Tian

Jones, Miyonna Veronica-Marie-Joy
... to Jones, Monica Kimbra

Jones, Monica Kristen
... to Jones, Monique Lastlawn

Jones, Monique Latress
... to Jones, Morgan A

Jones, Morgan A
... to Jones, Murphy Dimpsey

Jones, Murphy Dimpsey
... to Jones, Myra Lee

Jones, Myra Lee
... to Jones, Najee Gemell

Jones, Najee Gemell
... to Jones, Nancy Ann

Jones, Nancy Anne
... to Jones, Nancy Lynn

Jones, Nancy Lynne
... to Jones, Natalie Lavilla

Jones, Natalie Lee-Janie
... to Jones, Nathan

Jones, Nathanael
... to Jones, Nathaniel Christian

Jones, Nathaniel Christian
... to Jones, Nathan Thomas

Jones, Nathan Thomas
... to Jones, Nellie Elizabeth

Jones, Nellie Louise
... to Jones, Nicholas Andrew

Jones, Nicholas Andrew
... to Jones, Nicholas Robert

Jones, Nicholas Robert
... to Jones, Nicklaus Edward

Jones, Nicklaus Scott
... to Jones, Nicole Dionne

Jones, Nicole Dominique
... to Jones, Nicole Marie

Jones, Nicole Marie
... to Jones, Nikia Deshawn

Jones, Nikia Deshawn
... to Jones, Noel

Jones, Noelle Kathleen
... to Jones, Norman Andre

Jones, Norman Andre
... to Jones, Octavius Amar

Jones, Octavius Caesar
... to Jones, Olivia Kathy

Jones, Olivia Laura
... to Jones, Orangnette Larose

Jones, Orenda Courtney
... to Jones, Otis

Jones, Otis
... to Jones, Pamela

Jones, Pamela
... to Jones, Pamela Kay

Jones, Pamela Kay
... to Jones, Paris Devell

Jones, Paris Josie-Anntionette
... to Jones, Patricia

Jones, Patricia
... to Jones, Patricia Ann

Jones, Patricia Ann
... to Jones, Patricia Anne

Jones, Patricia Annette
... to Jones, Patricia Marie

Jones, Patricia Marie
... to Jones, Patrick David-Lee

Jones, Patrick Deshonn
... to Jones, Paul

Jones, Paul
... to Jones, Paul Arthur

Jones, Paul Arthur
... to Jones, Paul Frederick

Jones, Paul Fredric
... to Jones, Paul R

Jones, Paul Raymond
... to Jones, Peggy Faye

Jones, Peggy Faye
... to Jones, Periz

Jones, Periz
... to Jones, Philip Anthony

Jones, Philip Arthur
... to Jones, Phillip Morris

Jones, Phillip Morris
... to Jones, Pierre Charles

Jones, Pink Ella
... to Jones, Preston Arthur

Jones, Preston Arthur
... to Jones, Queen

Jones, Queen Easter
... to Jones, Quinese Jocole-Ganyale

Jones, Quinese Jocole-Ganyale
... to Jones, Rachel Anne

Jones, Rachel Anne
... to Jones, Rachel Nicole

Jones, Rachel Nicole
... to Jones, Ralph Brian

Jones, Ralph C
... to Jones, Randall Duwan

Jones, Randall E
... to Jones, Randy Lee

Jones, Randy Lee
... to Jones, Rashawn Deonate

Jones, Rashawn Janee
... to Jones, Raye Anna

Jones, Ray Edward
... to Jones, Raymond Leslie

Jones, Raymond Lewis
... to Jones, Rebecca

Jones, Rebecca
... to Jones, Rebecca Lynn

Jones, Rebecca Lynn
... to Jones, Rebekka Lynn

Jones, Rebekka Lynn
... to Jones, Reginald Charels

Jones, Reginald Daniel
... to Jones, Rekeesha Dekel

Jones, Rekeesha Dekel
... to Jones, Renee Leona

Jones, Renee Leona
... to Jones, Rex Allen

Jones, Rex Allen
... to Jones, Ricardo

Jones, Ricardo Darnell
... to Jones, Richard Cartell

Jones, Richard Cartell
... to Jones, Richard Glenn

Jones, Richard Glenn
... to Jones, Richard Nathaniel

Jones, Richard Nixon
... to Jones, Rick Dean

Jones, Rickelle Denise
... to Jones, Ricky T

Jones, Rico
... to Jones, Rita Vincent

Jones, Ritchie Donald
... to Jones, Roberta Choinski

Jones, Roberta Darlene
... to Jones, Robert Anthony

Jones, Robert Anthony
... to Jones, Robert D

Jones, Robert D
... to Jones, Robert Earl

Jones, Robert Earl
... to Jones, Robert Fletcher

Jones, Robert Fletcher
... to Jones, Robert John

Jones, Robert John
... to Jones, Robert Lee

Jones, Robert Lee
... to Jones, Robert Marlon

Jones, Robert Marlon
... to Jones, Robert Thomas

Jones, Robert Thomas
... to Jones, Robin Lou

Jones, Robin Lynette
... to Jones, Rochelle Dekozlyn

Jones, Rochelle Denean
... to Jones, Roderick Vernon

Jones, Roderic Lee
... to Jones, Rodney Keith