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Ryon, Mary Louise
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Rzepa, Tina Marie
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Rzepecki, Renata Y
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Rzepka, Gary Thomas
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Rzepka, Paul Edward
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Rzeppa, Delores
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Rzeppa, Thomas Michael
... to Rzetelny, Jessica Marie

Rzetelny, Katelyn Ann
... to Rziemkowski, Joseph Adam

Rziemkowski, Joseph Adam
... to Rzyski, Laverne Marie

The Real Hate Crime

     Let’s see now, it’s terrible if President Trump withheld foreign aid as a way to pressure President Zelensky into doing something, but it’s wonderful if Congress and the President openly threaten to withhold highway construction money as a way to pressure governors and State legislators into committing an unforgivable hate crime against Mr. and Mrs. Twenty.

     Let’s see now, they raised the drinking age to cut down on traffic deaths, and then they raised the speed limits, showing how much they actually cared about traffic deaths. You see, the drinking age is an unforgivable attack on the fundamental, unalienable rights of persons younger than 21, while speed limits are and inconvenience to persons who matter.

     Let’s see now, it’s terrible if a caterer can freely refuse to serve at a same-sex “wedding,” but it’s wonderful when the government deploys gun-toting goons in bulletproof vests to intimidate the same caterer from serving alcoholic drinks to Mr. and Mrs. Twenty. The drinking age is the real have crime because the victims did not choose to be younger than 21, and because businesses are forced to participate.

     On 2 March 2006, a 47-year-old man in Burton, Ohio was driving drunk (0.26% BAL), driving left of center, speeding, driving under multiple suspensions and leading police on a chase, but at least he wasn’t drinking under age. He crashed head on into a car with three Hiram College students, but at least he wasn’t buying for them. While he was getting his eleven prior DWI’s, lawmakers were approving sting operations, keg registration laws, counterfeit-resistant ID’s and harsher punishments for the crime of drinking alcoholic beverages while younger than 21. Obviously these measures didn’t help the victims. Grace Chamberlain, 18, of Kirtland, Ohio died at the scene. Andrew Hopkins, 18, died days later at Metropolitan Hospital.

     Gee, Sherlock, why do you suppose the hypocrites impose the drinking age on persons younger than 21, instead of imposing tougher DWI measures on themselves?