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Sysol, Jeffery Paul
... to Sysum, David Glen

Sysum, Shelley Rupp
... to Syswerda, Loriann Marie

Syswerda, Loriann Marie
... to Sytek, Kay Marie

Sytek, Kelley Ann
... to Sytniak, Joseph Arthur

Sytniak, Joseph Robert
... to Sytsma, Amanda Rae

Sytsma, Amanda Rae
... to Sytsma, Douglas Jeremy

Sytsma, Drake Alan
... to Sytsma, Judith Kay

Sytsma, Judith Sue
... to Sytsma, Marvin Allen

Sytsma, Mary Esther
... to Sytsma, Ruth Adele

Sytsma, Ruth Ann
... to Syversen, Virginia Earline

Syversen-Cole, Tinajo
... to Sywak, Barbara Ann

Sywak, Brian
... to Szabelski, Joseph Frank

Szabelski, Joseph Harold
... to Szabo, Amanda Mae

Szabo, Amber Lauren
... to Szabo, Csaba

Szabo, Dana Ann
... to Szabo, Heath

Szabo, Heather Marie
... to Szabo, Julianna Gabrielle

Szabo, Julie Annette
... to Szabo, Michael Andrew

Szabo, Michael Andrew
... to Szabo, Roxanna Casandra

Szabo, Roxanna Casandra
... to Szabo, Zachary Scott

Szabo, Zamfira
... to Szachta, Wayne Thomas

Szachta, Wayne Thomas
... to Szafarczyk, Patricia Carolyn

Szafarek, Arthur
... to Szafranic, Laura Ann

Szafranic, Laura Ann
... to Szafranski, Jacob Bartholomew

Szafranski, Jacob Bartholomew
... to Szafranski, Sara Pauline

Szafranski, Sara Pauline
... to Szainer, Michael Adam

Szajenko, Ann Marie
... to Szajnecki, Kellyn Linsey

Szajnecki, Kellyn Linsey
... to Szakal, Colin Louis

Szakal, Daniel Joseph
... to Szakovits, Scott Bradley

Szakovits, Sharon Lee
... to Szalanski, Amanda Renee

Szalanski, Brian David
... to Szalay, Norma Jean

Szalay, Paul Timothy
... to Szalka, Ronald Walter

Szalka, Steve Joseph
... to Szalla, Cheryl L

Szalla, James Francis
... to Szamosfalvi, Kata Magdolna

Szamosfalvi, Marton Janos
... to Szanto, Sandra Jean

Szanto, Sandra Jean
... to Szarafinski, Ronnie Bruce

Szarafinski, Roy Victor
... to Szarek, Jennifer Breanne

Szarek, Jennifer Marie
... to Szarka, Jozsias W

Szarka, Kimberly Ann
... to Szarowicz, Joseph Bernard

Szarowicz, Julie A
... to Szasz, Jordan Evan

Szasz, Kim Janine
... to Szatkowski, Alyssa Rae

Szatkowski, Alyssa Rae
... to Szatkowski, Eugene Gerard

Szatkowski, Eugene Joseph
... to Szatkowski, Marilyn Knapp

Szatkowski, Mark Joseph
... to Szatkowski-Ellison, Donna

Szatkowski-Lucido, Christina Marie
... to Szcodronski, Joseph Wayne

Szcodronski, Joseph Wayne
... to Szczechura, Sandra Lynn

Szczechura, Sandra Lynn
... to Szczepanek, Kevin James

Szczepanek, Kyle Joseph
... to Szczepaniak, John Francis

Szczepaniak, John Patrick
... to Szczepanik, Michael Frank

Szczepanik, Michael Frank
... to Szczepanowski, Michael Arthur

Szczepanska, Jade C
... to Szczepanski, Dawn Marie

Szczepanski, Deborah Martha
... to Szczepanski, John Charles

Szczepanski, Jonathan Ben
... to Szczepanski, Mary Beth

Szczepanski, Mary Elizabeth
... to Szczepanski, Roger Charles

Szczepanski, Roger Charles
... to Szczepkowski, Bennie Lee

Szczepkowski, Bennie Lee
... to Szczerba, Suzanne

Szczerba, Theresa Anne
... to Szczesiul, Matthew Alex

Szczesiul, Matthew Alex
... to Szczesniak, Patricia Lynn

Szczesniak, Richard J
... to Szczesny, Jamin Paul

Szczesny, Jamin Paul
... to Szczodrowski, Douglas Norbert

Szczodrowski, Jessica Lynn
... to Szczotka, Sophie Torres

Szczotka, Sophie Torres
... to Szczygiel, Andrea

Szczygiel, Andrea
... to Szczypka, Caroline Helen

Szczypka, Daniel Robert
... to Szechy, Colin Dennis

Szechy, Dennis George
... to Szefi, Linda Renee

Szefi, Rachel Elizabeth
... to Szeidel, Jennifer Lynne

Szeidel, Susannah Lynn
... to Szekely, Lucas Stephen

Szekely, Mark Anthony
... to Szelag, David Allen

Szelag, Erica Lynn
... to Szeles, Angeline

Szeles, Daniel Gerard
... to Szeliga, Jaron Michael

Szeliga, Jaron Michael
... to Szelkowski, Traci Lynn

Szell, Charles Benjamin
... to Szeman, Michael Alexander

Szeman, Michael Alexander
... to Szenderski, David J

Szenderski, Denise Ann
... to Szepanski, Andrea Michelle

Szepanski, Andrea Michelle
... to Szerlag, Diane Marie

Szerlag, Diane Marie
... to Szeszulski, Danielle Marie

Szeszulski, Daniel R
... to Szeve, Joseph Scott

Szeve, Joseph Scott
... to Szewczul, Denise Marie

Szewczul, James L
... to Szewczyk, Katherine Susan

Szewczyk, Katherine Susan
... to Szichak, Benjamin Michael

Szichak, Benjamin Michael
... to Szilagy, Rebecca Lynn

Szilagy, Rebecca Lynn
... to Szilagyi, Julia

Szilagyi, Julie Ann
... to Szimanski, Gerald Joseph

Szimanski, Jeffery Steven
... to Szkatulski, Diana

Szkatulski, Jennifer Lee
... to Szkotnicki, Robert James

Szkotnicki, Robert James
... to Szlachetka, Mary Louise

Szlachetka, Sibyl Elisabeth
... to Szlaga, Edwin Francis

Szlaga, Elaine Ann
... to Szleser, Walerian F

Szleszynska, Irena Barbara
... to Szmagaj, Kathlyn Mary

Szmagaj, Kelly Michelle
... to Szmigiel, David Robert

Szmigiel, Eugene Chester
... to Sznitka, Christina Marie

Sznitka, Christopher
... to Szocinski, Shelby Lauren

Szocinski, Shelby Lauren
... to Szokola, Matthew Colin

Szokola, Michael J
... to Szonye-Rhodes, Nicole Lynn

Szopa, Andrew Eugene
... to Szor, Michael Ray

Szor, Michael Ray
... to Szostak, Donavan Anthony

Szostak, Douglas Hunter
... to Szostak-Sitko, Mary

Szostak-Sitko, Mary Irene
... to Szostik, Gerald Francis

Szostkowski, Bonnie Jean
... to Szot, Rachel Ann

Szot, Rachel Marie
... to Szotko, William Joseph

Szotko, Zachary Alan
... to Szpaichler, Angela Rose

Szpaichler, Anthony D
... to Szpanelewski, Dominic John

Szpanelewski, Dominic John
... to Szparaga, Louise Ann

Szparaga, Mairead Deirdre
... to Szpond, Dennis Stanley

Szpond, Donna Marie
... to Szpunar, Christopher James-Westmore

Szpunar, Christopher James-Westmore
... to Szpytman, Grace Hea-Mee

Szpytman, Jack Joseph
... to Sztuka, Jerzy

Sztuka, Maria Teresa
... to Szuba, Stefan

Szuba, Steven Edward
... to Szuber, Jessica Jeanne

Szuber, Jessica Jeanne
... to Szubinski, Kate Mae

Szubinski, Mark Edward
... to Szuch, Michael Conway

Szuch, Michael Steven
... to Szucs, Stefan

Szucs, Stefan
... to Szukaitis, Charles Victor

Szukaitis, Charles Victor
... to Szukhent, Kyle James

Szukhent, Kyle James
... to Szulborski, Elizabeth C

Szulborski, Elizabeth Clare
... to Szuma, Kimberly Ann

Szuma, Kimberly Ann
... to Szumanski, Tina Annmarie

Szumanski, William
... to Szuminski, Sarah Christine

Szuminski, Sarah Christine
... to Szumowicz, Jennifer Anne

Szumowicz, Judith Ann
... to Szuper, Mike John

Szuper, Ryan Mark
... to Szurek, Harry

Szurek, Henry Richard
... to Szutka, Andrew Dominic

Szutka, Cynthia Mary
... to Szwarc, John James

Szwarc, Jonathon Gregory
... to Szwed, Katelyn Florentina

Szwed, Kathleen Lorina
... to Szwejda, Gary

Szwejda, Sarah
... to Szybowicz, Julia Annette

Szybowicz, Patrick Matthew
... to Szydlowsa, Carly Ueder

Szydlowski, Adam Keith
... to Szydlowski, Gerald Lawrence

Szydlowski, Gerald Lawrence
... to Szydlowski, Michael Anothony

Szydlowski, Michael Charles
... to Szydzik, Jason Joseph

Szydzik, Jeremy Daniel
... to Szymaniak, Geneva Fay

Szymaniak, Gina Catherine
... to Szymanski, Amy Louise

Szymanski, Amy Lynn
... to Szymanski, Brett Anthony

Szymanski, Brian
... to Szymanski, Christopher John

Szymanski, Christopher John
... to Szymanski, Debra Baker

Szymanski, Debra Baker
... to Szymanski, Eric Donald

Szymanski, Eric Donald
... to Szymanski, Irene

Szymanski, Irene
... to Szymanski, Jennifer Lynne

Szymanski, Jeremy Thomas
... to Szymanski, Joseph Stanley

Szymanski, Joseph Sylvester
... to Szymanski, Kenneth Jeffery

Szymanski, Kenneth John
... to Szymanski, Lisa A

Szymanski, Lisa A
... to Szymanski, Mary Ann

Szymanski, Mary Ann
... to Szymanski, Myia Georgette

Szymanski, Myia Georgette
... to Szymanski, Paul Richard

Szymanski, Paul Richard
... to Szymanski, Ronald Joseph

Szymanski, Ronald Steve
... to Szymanski, Stephen Michael

Szymanski, Steven
... to Szymanski, Timothy Wayne

Szymanski, Timothy Wayne
... to Szymas, Robin Mae

Szymas, Robin Mae
... to Szymborski, Walter Anthony

Szymborski, Walter Anthony
... to Szymczak, Connie Marie

Szymczak, Connie Marie
... to Szymczak, Richard Eugene

Legalize Walking

     If they have money for a street, they have money for a sidewalk. If they have money for traffic lights, they have money for crosswalk lights. If they have money to plow snow off the streets, they have money to plow snow off the sidewalks, instead of plowing snow onto the sidewalks and leaving it there until it melts. If it is the government’s job to build and plow streets for persons with vehicles, then it is the government’s job to build and plow sidewalks, not the job of each landowner. If the landowner owns the land where the sidewalk is, then she has a right to forbid trespass, and the government has no right to take her property for public use without just compensation. Forcing her to shovel the sidewalk is slavery.

     At night, when the traffic lights flash, the crosswalk lights do not work. Pushing the button does nothing. When a freight train crosses the street, lights flash, bells clang and gates drop, to protect the lives of persons in vehicles, persons who matter.

     When you finally manage to earn a paycheck without owning a vehicle, you may find that bank closed, but the drive-up window is still open, for persons who matter. Some victims claim their truck won’t fit under the canopy, and the teller serves them, thinking they are persons who own vehicles, persons who matter.

     The highway project on the Maryland end of the Woodrow Wilson Memorial Bridge looks like something the Three Stooges would design. Look at all the wasted land. If they have money for that, they have money for sidewalks and crosswalk lights.

     Zoning restrictions impose great distances between homes and places where folks can work, shop, or gather to drink alcohol, preventing folks from walking there and back. In a free country, there would be no zoning restrictions, nor would government bureaucrats, backed by the long arm of the law, force builders to add parking lots, which walkers obviously do not need, but they still have to pay for in higher rent.

     Motorist Supremacy also manifests itself when a driver flips out, furiously cursing, “Who is this maggot riding a bicycle on a public way, forcing me, a motorist to slow all the way down to the legal speed limit?” Just when they think life couldn’t get any worse, the mere bicyclist has the nerve to signal a left turn, stopping to let oncoming traffic pass first. The driver would not lean on the horn and scream profanities at a fellow motorist who stops to turn left.

     Motorist Supremacists will argue that things are this way because not many folks walk. Truth is, not many folks walk because the government makes walking so dangerous and so difficult, maliciously forcing folks to buy vehicles, empowering the government to control folks with the threat of license suspension.