How to request removal

Hey, what’s the big idea building a website without my permission?
We did not need your permission to build a website.

What gives you the right to put MY name and address on the site?
In a free country, a person can freely communicate true facts lawfully obtained from a public record.,4670,7-127-29836-88651--F,00.html

What about my right to privacy?
By definition, public information is not private. Read on for your removal request option.

Well you better remove my name right now or I’ll sue you.
We get that all the time. They see a lawyer. Reality sets in when the lawyer explains that public information, by definition, is not private. Read on for your removal request option. Perhaps you might like to join a class action lawsuit being pursued by the lady in the video below.

I’m a cop and I want my name removed right now.
We have received a number of notarized requests where the voter openly admitted to being a cop, and we removed the name anyway. Everybody gets the same service.

I strongly object to this public information being made available to the public.
You might get better results by telling somebody that cares. Click here.

Will you remove my name if I send in the notarized request?
On this page you will find a list of ID numbers from granted Michigan requests. We have to be careful not to promise anything, because of the possible liability if we mess up and fail to complete a removal, or if we reinstall a name during an update. That’s one reason we don’t charge money for removals. We try to avoid such blunders. Further, the downloadable files will remain intact, but we configured out robots.txt file to tell search engines not to touch those.

To play nicely with the other children in the sandbox, we provide for a way to request removal. We cannot stop the State from providing the same information to other webmasters or to members of the public. Everybody has a right to know this public information.

Option 1: NEW: At 14:35 UTC on 1 April 2015, we began launching individual detail pages (desktop version only, not the mobile-friendly version) containing a web form you can use, at the bottom, to request removal. This is in the testing phase.

Option 2: Download the .rtf or .txt file, get it notarized so we know it is really you, and mail it to Tom Alciere, 67 Technology Way, Nashua NH 03060 U.S.A. You must spell the webmaster’s name (Tom Alciere) correctly. Regular mail works best, as anything requiring a signature goes undelivered unless the webmaster happens to be present to sign for it when the carrier arrives.

Logic: If you cancel your telephone service, you won’t be listed in future editions of the telephone directory, but you cannot stop librarians from letting people consult previous editions which contain your listing. Once information is public, it remains public forever.

Perhaps you would like to join a class action lawsuit with the lady in the video.

Any comments should be directed to We do not honor removal requests sent via email and we do not check emails often.